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i wish i were given just one more chance to go back there where i became a real adult
@MrsBoydSBA It might not be as life-changing as your experience, but when I was 8 I broke my ankle while staying in London. I feel like that city has the ability to comfort and heal all kinds of wounds. Mine might have been much more of a physical struggle than yours, but I still think of London as a caring city :)
@Spudsomma I'm older now - though I'm not sure if I'm more matured. ;) so i can manage it better for sure!
@peppermintt i just stayed there and had a tough time there. but now looking back, that time brought quite a lot of change in me. :)
I hope you get to go back, too, @MrsBoydSBA, if only to show you beat the tough times!
Such a gorgeous city. Did you grow up there?