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============================================= Hello everyone, new drama! Arang and the Magistrate will start at 21:55 KST. Please refresh this card for live update:) ------------------------------- Arang kissed to Eun-Oh! OHHHH BUT It was Eun-Oh's dream!lol - Eun-Oh : Ohhhh I'll be crazy !! Eun-Oh gives a letter to Dol-swe - Eun-Oh : Give it to Joo-Wal. Oh Bang-wool(shaman) finished to make Arang's new dress. Arang looks really happy XD Eun-Oh waits for Arang outside of Bang-wool's room. - Eun-Oh : Why is she so late? - Bang-wool : It's the woman. Then, Arang comes out from the room. She is soooo lovely and so pretty! Eun-Oh is surprised! - Arang : What do you think? Am I look pretty? - Eun-Oh : Well..Your disheveled hair becomes well groomed.. That's it ! I have something to do. Stay here and I'll be back. Bangwool wants to meet a general ghost. She thinks that Arang bother her a lot. - Bangwool : Please go away! Arang feels sorry to Bangwool so she decides to go somewhere. > Arang enters a house and meets bad ghosts. Arang resists a lot but they hit Arang :-( Then, Eun-Oh appears and helps her! He's so good at martial arts! Amazing! But Arang's new dress gets dirty and she is so upset. >They planned to meet Joo-Wal but it rains a lot so they can't mee him. OH! Because of rain, Arang's dead body comes out!!!!!!!!!! > Eun-Oh & Arang go to the place and Joo-Wal is also there. They find Arang's dead body after 3 years she dead but she didn't rot at all !! >Joo-Wal's father orders to bring Arang's dead body. But Eun-Oh doesn't accept it. - Joo-Wal's person : Who are you? - Eun-Oh : Me? I'm magistrate. > Oh ! The confrontation between Eun-Oh and Joo-Wal ! - Eun-Oh : It's obvious that she was unjustly accused. I think you also wanted to reveal it. No? - Joo-Wal : We just don't want to be the talk of the town. In fact, I don't know much about her. Even though she was my fiance, I saw her once and I don't have any feeling to her. - Eun-Oh : ... - Joo-Wal : I'll get even with you for this, just you wait. > So sad.. Arang sees her dead body. She gets shocked... Arang runs out of the place. - Arang : Jade Emperor.. You're so mean ! What did I do? Why do I have to die?? Did I do something wrong? > Eun-Oh brings Arang's dead body to the government office. Arang sees her dead body again. - Arang : I look like this.. I was pretty.. Wait.. I will work hard to clear your of false accusation. > Oh! Arang goes to Bang-Wool(Shaman) . - Arang : Help me and I'll not bother you anymore. > Eun-Oh goes out to find Arang. > [Joo-Wal's house] - Joo-Wal's father : Don't damage our reputation. You couldn't bring Arang's dead body. I'll show you how to work. It's the last time. > Arang and Bang-Wool's go somewhere. Arang wounds Bang-Wool. Then, head ghost reaper comes to the place. - Arang : I want to meet Jade Emperor. - head ghost reaper : You can't. - Arang : No, I'll meet the old man!! - Oh! "The old man" was the code .Then, Bang-wool opens a door. If they are sucked into the moon, they'll be lose all. After long fight, finally, the head ghost reaper decides to help Arang to meet the Jade Emperor. - the head ghost reaper : But It's the last time! Still, Eun-Oh searches Arang everywhere.. - Eun-Oh : amnesiac, where are you??? ================================== EP 3 is over ! More and more, Arang steals Eun-Oh's heart! But Arang goes to the next world to meet the Jade Emperor! Oh no!!!! When Eun-Oh fight against bad ghosts, it was so wonderful !! I'll make screenshots cards! If you like my card, don't hesitate to leave comments. I want to share ideas about this amazing drama with you guys!
@lavieenrose thanks a lot! well, i really can't wait for the following ep!!!
@tingweikei And also, Eun-Oh visits Bangwool and ask where Arang goes. Bang-Wool said, "She goes to the next world." Eun-Oh wants to help Arang.
@tingweikei Arang decides to go to the next world. The head ghost reaper said, "once you go to the next world, you can't come back. Do you miss something?" Then, Arang said, "Oh, I forgot to tell him to say goodbye." But I'm not sure that she can go to the next world.
thank yoooou. ^^
What about the preview of ep 4? Can somebody translate it if possible? Just cant wait!!!:)
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