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There's something going on with the sharks in Queensland: they have learned a better way to get a meal! Sharks are often spotted here taking the fish right off a fisherman's line--they hang out boats hoping the fisherman will get a good catch, so they can have a good meal. These fisherman don't seem to surprised at the action they see, but it doesn't make it any better! At the end of the day, it's just sad to lose your catch to a shark.
@happyrock I guess they just get used to it, I think we all do a little bit. It's still scary to me, though. @dougjohnson You're right, they probably would have got it, but still a pretty amazing site to get to witness themselves.
I'd be so mad!!! Come on, just let me finish the catch. If they had gaffed it properly the first tie this wouldn't have happened.
I love how the guy is just like "hate sharks" like its so common