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Wow, what an amazing video! I know that deer can swim, but the fawn was out way to far in the water to survive. Excellent move by taking it to shore. Most people would have let it drowned not knowing what to do and worrying about touching it. Once on shore, the fawn will call its mother. The fawns call can be heard for miles so I'm almost certain it met up with its mother. :)
I didn't realize deer would try to swim?? I guess they would need to in order to cross rivers; but still, very surprising!
@yakwithalan that's what I hope for!
Absolutely beautiful sight to see; I think the mother will probably hear it's calls and come find him, no worries.
Oh my gosh, I'm so glad it's alright! Good guys for not being afraid.
This really brightened my day, he was so gentle with the poor lost fawn!
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