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In Alabama, we have this gorgeous dark beginning of our Summer Sun rises and I just wanted to show you a small beginning to a beautiful morning, with The Sun, the flowers ,and a peaceful surrounding.
thank you so much. I needed this. I was looking for something to sooth me, this works!
TY ALL FOR YOUR ANAZING COMPLIMENTS! Yes,galinda I dont think the sky is in a pot as the sun is rising,unless u r going to make SUN TEA....LOL!!! :)
Of course @Acetaker! You captured something really beautiful :)
Thank you so much for that comment. It makes me feel really great that someone is looking at my pictures that I have that for many mornings sat and watched the sunrise and can see them to put down into someone else's eyes making into photography that I've tried to do in still pictures. <3 :)
Gorgeous! But I might just publish this into Photography, not quite sure it belongs in cooking ;)
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