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Review This is my newest edition to my collection as I was shopping around for a new action combo. My first impression when I receive them was that they are EXTREMELY high quality pieces of work. What attracted me the Helios reel was that it is made of magnesium and is very light, 5.7 oz to be exact. It also has a carbon fiber handle and drag star which I'm crazy about because I love carbon. As nice as the reel looks, it performs even better. Out of all of my reels, this one is by far the smoothest and farthest casting. The braking system is easy to set and it casts like a rocket. I was utterly surprised by how far it casts when I first threw my lure. Now onto the rod, I was looking for quite a while before I pulled the trigger on this one. I didn't get it just to match Okuma together. Originally, I was checking out higher end Daiwa rods, st croix among others. Then I saw this one and read the reviews of people say its built like a $150 dollar rod and not $90. I can see what they mean. The rod feels very light especially paired with this reel. I love the double trigger grip as it fits your hand nicely. Secondly, the guides seem of high quality as well and look very smooth. I can go on and on about this but, if you're in the market for new gear, try this reel out. The biggest determinant in me getting this reel was the price. Originally, I was shopping around for a high end reel around $300 just so I could see what they feel like. However, when I saw the price of this one and it's features for under $200, I was sold. I got this on ebay with a coupon for $179! It was the same story with the rod and I got the rod on Amazon for $80. All in all I don't think I could've be happier with what I got for the price I paid.
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thanks for the heads up, ill be extra careful about that.
if you open up where you set your brakes there should be a silver snap ring that holds everything together and all I did was cast out and that ring broke and everything just came apart. it happened with my helios and my quantum tour mg they were built the same way internally.@Tbn1587
Thanks guys, Im really loving this combo so far. @ryan88argo what exactly happened with your helios? how did it happen?
Cool man thanks for sharing your reviews. I always thought about posting one.
Double trigger grips are my favorite, good to see this has one. Nice deal, nice review. Thanks for sharing with us @Tbn1587 I hope they keep working out for you as time goes on! That's the true test for me usually
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