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the most popular korean-learning video at alll timeees. i literally fell down from my chair and laughed my arse off when i first saw this...
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@KLEE13,stop laughing.........this is not the right sound but I couldn't help it too..she's terrible there. Oh my gosh,I must ask my two English friends to see this,a professor and a teacher,they will be laughing as hard as you too.
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@sarahphang5, hey we all know she got the pronunciation wrong ;) and this is why its funny as hell ;p
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@emkim919,I need a new English teacher. My family all speaks English and this will be one to laugh about. It was hilarious when she said 'It's was Cock,it was cock'...hahahahaha
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There's some who do say it out like her and just how do you help them get it right when we couldn't stop laughing about it???
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Hilarious! It's coke not cock!!LMAO
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