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we talk to much when it is not really necessary.. and we don't utter a word when we don't want to.. we do the mad dance on the slightest happiness.. and sulk for hours on the faintest pain.. we can cry and laugh at the same time.. we can be silly yet wise all at once.. it is because we are girls.. and we price ourselves just the way we are!!!
thanks soula81
i beg to differ here.. they are somewhere from girl's view.. gals worry about getting fat.. except that there is a pinch of sarcasm..of course good men do exist.. but other than that it's funny but it is the way we think at times
most of those pieces of wiseness are from a man's point of view, and once more every one is able to see how superficial they are...:)
for the google search card, "I'm feeling lucky" tells you everything...:D
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