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Gretchen Rubin, author of The Happiness Project and happier at Home, gives some great advice on handling those things we keep putting off. 1: Do it now! Sometimes you just need to hold your nose and get it over with fast. Tackle the most dreaded thing on your to do list first, and your day will only get better. 2: Do it every day! As Gretchen notes, it does sound counterintuitive, but a dreaded task can become such a habit if done daily. If you commit to the gym three days a week, it's easy to say, "Well, it's only Tuesday, so I still have time." but if you commit to walking 20 minutes a day, seven days a week, you're more likely to follow through. 3: Don't go it alone. Get a partner, either to do whatever it is you're dreading, or someone who you will check in with daily or weekly. Accountability helps! 4: Remember the Girl Scout motto? (Or was it the Boy Scouts? Either way!) Be prepared! If you have to clean out a storage unit, show up with plenty of boxes, trash bags, a broom, etc. There's nothing worse than dragging out something you don't want to do because you simply don't have the tools to do it! 5: Commit to it! Writing down goals, whether they are long or short term ones is powerful because you're confronting that visual reminder. It also feels great to cross it off your list. 6: Think of the energy boost! I can attest to this one. I decided to ride my exercise bike as soon as I got home from work, every day, for 10 minutes. (Small goals make me happy.) I usually ride for longer, and feel so pumped that it makes it easier to skip that late afternoon snack, too. 7: Schedule a Power Hour. Again, I do this, but small scale. I take 15 minutes at night and do a quick tidy-up in the kitchen and living room. I don't think I'll ever enjoy cleaning, but I love how it feels to see a clean and tidy home the next morning! Devoting an hour to a combination of not so fun tasks is a good way to clear a lot of low level anxiety off your plate! Do you have any sure fire way to get those niggling things done? Or will you adopt one of Gretchen's suggestions? I think I need to schedule a Power Hour on Sunday night and get organized for the week ahead. I'd probably sleep a lot better if I did!
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The "writing down goals" part is soooooo important for me! Thanks for this--I think I'll be more productive next week :)
Thanks..god blessed you..
Can I share this on my SNS?
Step one is one of the hardest! Just do it!!
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