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so after concerts me and my mum would always go to korea town but I always HAD to go to this cafe that was like sort of hidden but not really anywho when i went in i always sat at the same seat stared at the same barista and ordered the same thing the barista: he looks like a kpop idol hes super duper nice and will always put extra whipped cream on my order and hes tall and not too muscular perfect body (lemme tell ya) the order: so i always ordered a koguma (or sweet potato) frappucino it is the best thing ever and it has a beautiful lavender color the seat: i always sat against this pillar/wall thing in the middle of the cafe reason#1: it is decorated with signatures of all 5 members of tvxq reason#2: i can stare at the barista and not get noticed because reason#3: there is a gigantic screen that plays kpop mvs right next to the seat so, yea you can probably imagine why im so obsessed with that cafe xD welp, the end
you are SO lucky!
Omg that sounds like heaven, I want to GOOO!