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"SeeU TaiPei U made special memories to me. Thank you!" "Tonight, Taipei was so awesome!! I can't forget today. Thankyou for our #b1a4roadtrip and plz wait untill we come back to Taipei. Goodnight" B1A4 just finished up their Taiwanese leg of their world tour :)
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@AviaTaylor Like I said, I'm going to be living through you so I need ALLLLL the updates!!!!
3 years ago·Reply
@honeysoo oh be prepared for a cap load of photos and videos coming from me im soooo EXCITED!!!
3 years ago·Reply
@AviaTaylor !!!! You're going to the Dallas one right? Or did I make that up hahaha
3 years ago·Reply
@honeysoo haha I think you made that one up.....I'm going to the one in Chicago!!
3 years ago·Reply
he's so sweet, i love Baro!
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