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This is photos I shot sitting on my pourch,from my other Card on the Flowers,and was able to sit at my chair by the Large Japanese Palm to watch these Gourgous Birds make music while wanting their Sweets!! :) <3
My dad used to love doing this too. Hummingbirds are so fun to take pictures of because they usually whip right past you!
@danidee I have always been fasinated by them and the wsy some can sit for such a short time,but the others flip around u like a breeze. I was sittibg outside the mourning I took the Alabama Sunrise pics and was approached by 2 of them and one actually licked my face. I figured with them being attracted by Red was the reason,I had a hoodie! But,I took it as kiss of apreciation for all the goodies they had to nibble on. :) <3
Ty for the Nice comments
It really is ..that is where I was sutting when I took the Alabama Summer Sunrise card.
Looks like a great place to just relax and enjoy the site--thanks for sharing!
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