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the trend of using flower jewelry in mehndi pakistani tradition 2 days bfr the actual wedding what do u all think i am just a bit bored d k what to post so i just wanna introduce u all to some beauty of my culture Enjoy all :) <3 i love this flower jewelry really a lot credit 2 its owners for all the pics
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@saharjalpari9 have you ever made these yourself?
@sophiamor lol nope i d k how to make them lol they sell it a market husbands buy it as a gift 4 thr wives even after they get married thgh :-)
@saharjalpari9 Are there a lot of customs like this? I'd love to learn more!
these remind me of flower crowns but taken to a whole new level, really beautiful!
thanks a lot everyone i really appreaciate it yup thr r more customs like that i will definitely post more in the future :-) ♥