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Meatless Monday is actually a decade-old international campaign to get people to think more about eating healthy. Now Cleveland City Council has made it an official thing. This past week it passed resolution no. 1065-14, sponsored by councilman Joe Cimperman. The resolution declares that “the City of Cleveland recognizes the benefits of a diet high in fruits and vegetables and urges residents to participate in Meatless Mondays to improve their health and decrease their carbon footprint.” Meatless Mondays won't be enforced by law, but it is highly encouraged by the city. A step in the right direction!!
yeah I heard about this! my cousin who's a vegetarian and lives there was super excited about this. I wonder if other states will follow suit if it goes well, you think?
Interesting, wow! And here I thought nothing good came out of Ohio (kidding!!)
I hope if nothing else this inspires some people to rethink the way that they eat.
Wow, I never thought an entire city would decide to do this!