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10. 机遇 (jī yù) opportunity: 这么好的机遇,你可别错过 9. 十面埋伏 (shí miàn mái fú) ambush from 10 sides; ambush from all sides:华语电影《十面埋伏》广受好评 8. 方法 (fāng fǎ) method; way:你觉得这个方法怎么样 7. 失业 (shī yè) unemployment:怎么解决失业问题? 6. 美女 (měi nǚ) beautiful girl/woman:哇噻,对面来了个美女! 5. 处心积虑 (chǔ xīn jī lǜ) think through something deliberately and methodically; rack one’s brain: 你这么处心积虑,到底想干什么? 4. 认真 (rèn zhēn) serious:我是认真的,没有开玩笑 3. 放松 (fàng sōng) relax:累了一天,我们去放松一下吧! 2. 触目惊心 (chù mù jīng xīn) startling; shocking:这一幕简直就是触目惊心 And the top tweet of March is .. 1. 素质 (sù zhì) quality; class:这个人的素质也太差了! According to FluentU, these were the top ten pieces of vocabulary they picked up from tweets this month. Do you use any of these words? I'll admit I'd never heard of "触目惊心" before but I've got it written down and I'll be looking for ways to use it in the future. Tweeting in Chinese is a really great way to practice your slang and pick up slang (which I can guarantee you won't have seen in your textbook before!).