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To The Beautiful You - Minho + Sulli + Dog = LOVEEEE
ohhhhh i loveeee these pictures...... Cant decide whom I love more: Min Ho? Sulli? or the doggie????? kekekekeke :D
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ohhh thank you for these pcitures Luka!! I love Min Ho a lot but I have to say.... i think the doggie gets my love this time round heee
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@pradadrama YOU ARE CRAZYYYY!!! of course Min Ho wins!!! hahaha he will be so hurt that you choose a dog over him
5 years ago·Reply
i have to say... I vote for the dog too. He's TOO CUTE!
5 years ago·Reply
It has to be the dog for me. The love I have for my maltese/cocker,Bay who always sleeps with me.
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