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It's amazing how many times this cyclist makes a fool of himself in only a few minutes. The fun starts when he yells "F**KING COPS" for no apparent reason at an SPD officer directing traffic, proceeding to hop over the bus island, weaving erratically until passing between the recording cyclist and stopped traffic a few moments later. Quick timeline if you want to skip to the fun parts: 00:10 - "FUCKING COPS" 00:36 - Pedaling that fixie like a madman 01:08 - Look ma, no hands! 01:17 - Let's swerve onto the sidewalk at speed for no reason. 01:45 - Obstruction up ahead, better check before -- yup, guess who. 01:52 - "GET OFF YOUR DAMN PHONE!" 01:57 - "WATCHU SED, BITCH???" 02:04 - [Incoherent yelling] 02:30 - Guess who's too important for red lights? 02:33 - More incoherent yelling, presumably about my bitch status. 03:02 - Awkward reunion. 03:09 - He realizes cyclist is right behind him. Awkward finger twiddling. 03:23 - Possibly texting his dying grandmother or something. 04:20 - Quick out of the gate, but the guy doesn't seem to have much stamina. Still paying more attention to his phone than to the road.
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Douchebag with a gold nozzle.
It IS illegal to cell phone while riding. You should have narc'd him out to the traffic cop.
I have seen guys like this too. I bet you were in biking gear? He wants to show you how fast he is compared to you.
that guy is the coolest guy I seen. seem like dude is jelly because ge got pretty much owned for 4 min on a fixie while his on a roadbike embarrassing.
RULE no1. if youre going to pass another cyclist ...hold your pace!!!....and also dont be a fixie foo....this guy is giving cyclist a bad name and fixed gear riders an even worse one