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Are you going to London? Take this Free London city guide in your pocket. “London city guide” helps you find all of things about London. With any kind of restaurants, night-life, attractions, shopping area and moreover convenience facilities saved in the “London city guide”, makes your travel perfect! The reasons why you should use this: Free No need to say anymore! Take this app in your pocket. You will love it and have perfect travel! Reliability No advertisements! You can meet objective and reliable information with thousands of real-user reviews. Easy to use Make you get the information you want with only several clicks. free download
@Spudsomma good to hear that :) hope you have wonderful travel with the city guide app.
Oh, this is cool, @nohpig! I'm going to London in November. Thanks for sharing this.
@nohpig, you are welcome! I look forward to reading your travel collection!
@LibraryLady How kind you are :) similar with facebook but not auto complete name ^^;; thanks!!
@nohpig, just use the @ symbol in front of anyone's name you want to tag. I also have set up notifications, so once I comment on a card, I get an email if someone comments after me:)
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