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Ingredients: Cupcakes Buttercream Frosting M&M’s Candy Eyes Cupcakes for the Little Fishy Cupcakes Directions First, make a batch of cupcakes. These are basic yellow cake cupcakes. Next separate the M&M’s by color. This was from a large bag of M&M’s – we saved the orange and brown M&M’s for a Halloween project. You’ll need about 15 M&M’s for the scales for each cupcake, and 2 reds for the fish lips. After frosting the cupcakes, you’re ready to create the Little Fishy Cupcakes with the M&M’s. Start with a row of “fish scales” in the middle of the cupcake. Our cupcakes had enough room for 6 yellow M&M’s. Continue adding rows until you fill up half of the cupcake with M&M fish scales. This recipe used Wilton Candy Eyes for the fish eye but you could also use a mini marshmallow and a dot of black icing. Finally, add two red M&M’s for the fish lips.
@pixiedust I think you got it just right! Skittles, or even if you wanted an every fancier version you could use peanut m&ms or something! @peppermintt Yes, but after the first one or two you get used to it :)
My little cousins would love these!! It looks like the M&Ms would take a lot of time though..
So cute! Any suggestions for a fruity alternative with skittles maybe @ChristinaBryce?