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I fly long haul a far this year I flown to Tokyo, New York and I've mad three trips to Korea. Since June 2013, I've racked up more than 110,000 air miles. Something that I've learnt from all this jetting around is what to pack in my hand luggage! 1. Earplugs It always worth trying to get a few hours sleep on the plane but there is little chance of this happening if you don't bring earplugs. I always travel with BioEars Silicone earplugs. I don't just use these when I fly, any time I travel I carry these with me. (Photo: BioEars £4.49) 2. Pashmina People frequently underestimate how cold it can be on the airplane especially if you're 'lucky' enough to get an exit/bulkhead seat as these are always colder. Also, I don't particularly like using eye masks so when I feel like sleeping, I drape my pashmina over my head and make a little tent. My fellow passengers may find it a little odd but I don't really care! Cashmere wraps tend to be a bit more expensive but they're really worth the investment. I have one similar to the one in the picture. (Photo: John Lewis Winser Cashmere Wrap £150) 3. Lavender Oil Planes don't always smell particularly nice nor are they aren't the most relaxing of places and to top that off, you never know who you will end up sitting next to(!). I always carry a little bottle of lavender oil with me whenever I fly. A few drops always helps me to relax so I can get some sleep. My oil of choice is Neal's Yard Lavender Oil. (Photo: Neal's Yard £6.50/10ml) 4. Make Up Remover You may be able to get away with keeping your make up on for short haul flights but it's a big no-no when flying long haul. While I never really use much makeup when flying anyway, as soon as I'm in my seat I take all of it off. I use Lancome's Bi-Facil make up remover. (Photo: Lancome Bi-Facil £21.00) 5. Moisturiser Planes are not skin friendly. I already mentioned how important it is to take all of your make up off and the next most important thing is ensuring that your skin is properly moisturised during the flight. My mum introduced me to Clarins when I hit 20 and I love the brand. I particularly like their Multi-Active Day Moisturiser and never travel anywhere without it. (Photo: Clarins Multi Active Day £42.00/50ml) 6. A Change Of Clothes I remember flying to Rome with my family when I was younger. We were waiting in the baggage hall and everyone had their bag except me. Then came the news that they'd accidentally got my bag mixed up and it had ended up elsewhere - but they told me not to worry as apparently it would be in my hotel by the following evening. It was then that I learnt you should never travel without a change of clothes in your hand luggage. (Photo: 7. Toothbrush&Toothpaste I always carry toothbrush, toothpaste. While crew will normally give you a toothbrush if you ask for one, it's no longer guaranteed so always bring a toothbrush just in case! You never know if the airline will lose your bag so it's a good idea to keep essentials with you just in case. On a side note- I never use the water in the bathrooms though, I always take my little water bottle with me and use that instead. I'd never travel without my trusty Sonicare DiamondClean toothbrush! (Photo: Philips Sonicare Diamond Clean £250.00) 8. Slippers I normally pick these up from hotels I stay in or I get my dad to pick them up for me when he goes on business trips- the things he does for me! Planes are not clean places. Regardless of what you'd like to think, the water on the floor in the bathroom? That's not water. I know everyone is ultimately more comfortable with their shoes off and that putting your shoes back on every time you want to get up is a hassle so I just use slippers instead! (Photo: CottonAge Slippers $4.99) 9. iPad I am rarely able to sleep for the entire duration of the flight and when I'm not sleeping I read, study or watch TV. Before I fly, I put the books I'm reading on my iPad, update my Anki flashcards and pop on a few episodes of whatever Korean/Chinese drama I'm watching as I can guarantee they won't have it on in-flight entertainment! (Photo: iPad Air 32GB £479) 10. Snacks You never know what food you'll get on an airplane. Sometimes it's great, sometimes it's terrible so it's always best to be prepared. I tend to bring a cream cheese bagel and various other small snacks for example a box of raisins and a little bag of milky buttons!! What do you you never fly without? Does anyone have any weird or wacky things that they can't fly without? Leave your thoughts and comments below!
I always just use Boots Organics face cream.. my budget doesn't stretch to £42 for moisturiser >.< I'm pretty sure they do much the same job anyway
@funkystar25, it sounds a bit gross, but Daniel Pink, an author who travels a lot, recommends rubbing a bit of hand sanitizer around and inside your nostrils to ward off the yucky stuff floating around the airplane cabin. I loved Evian Facial Mist, but I don't think they make a travel size. I guess i could experiment with a travel size spray bottle, water and a drop of some moisturizer or essential oil. Thanks for getting me thinking about my packing list!
@spudsomma I've never heard of Earplanes in the UK but they sound really good. I know what you mean about lavender oil not being strong enough though haha I shall have to give vaporub a go! $30 for a snack?! I've heard of similar ridiculous stories when friends have flown around Europe but I've never heard of something like that on a long haul flight...!
I use Earplanes, earplugs designed to reduce pressure in your ears. for the last two years I've been using Clear Sinus and Ear, a homeopathic remedy. Lavender oil isn't strong enough for me to mask some smells--I use Vicks Vaporub! And everything else on your list is spot on! A friend just flew L.A. to London on Norwegian Air, and there was no free food or drink. $30US for a snack! I like to take neat things--raisins, nuts, grapes, a protein bar. All but the grapes will last in the hotel if I don't eat them on the plane, too.
Earplugs are vital, I never fly without them either. Good point about the slippers though, I see so many people wandering around barefoot and it always makes me a bit uncomfortable. I'd never thought about taking the slippers with me from the hotel though, I'll try it next time.