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awwww.. he does tell him.. "the person i like is not shiwon.. its YOU"... but yoonjae just calls him a "crazy bastard" and passes it off in laughter.. dude.. poor joonhee took so much pain to tell can you laugh it off!! but again..what could yoonjae do.. he isn't gay.. and wouldn't want to hurt his friend straightaway.. and the way he pauses for a while before declaring it a joke.. maybe he knows what's there in joonhee's heart and doesn't want to hurt him.. well.. that's my interpretation.. but i love this bro-mance.. had i not been rooting for yoonjae and shiwon.... jae-hee would make an adorable couple and those who are wondering as to what happened between taewong and shiwon.. they started DATING.. wtf.. poor yoonjae!! his brother and his girl... shiwon pleads his taewong oppa for beerand has fun.. not thinking what our poor yoonjae and yoonjae jr. are going through.. sad!!!!!!
@bix2anca hehe.. right.. btw my friend google couldn't find episodes 9-10 with eng subs nor the recap.. so any possible help welcomed!!
@sarahphang5 me too.. who to love is a person's personal choice.. nobody decides it for him/her.. so live and let live!! i too hope may be one day people here would just accept it.. they sort of do but not completely..
sometimes I have the feeling that the atmosphere is something around 1980, not 1997....
So right,I hope one day,things will be fine in your country. I'm fine with this gay thing,it's really is no big deal,just as long as we respect each other.
being gay is not so well accepted in society.. especially not in mine.. people are mistreated and laughed upon.. now that is worse than being turned down.. when you are rejected by your peers.. i don't get it.. everyone have their own lives.. what's wrong with the society.. who are they to judge someone
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