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Zhu Weibing and Ji Wenyu have been making textile-based sculptures together since 2003. Their works are a combination of Zhu’s training as a fashion designer and art professor, and Ji's previous work as a painter. In their soft sculptures, the artists comment on the consumerism and social aspirations of post-Cultural Revolution China. With "People Holding Flowers 2007," the artists recall Chairman Mao’s Hundred Flowers Campaign of 1957.
I like the way all the stems glob together from this angel--it really brings all the people together more if you know what I mean
yeah I agree with @timeturnerjones the way the stems come together sort of brings the people together too, also the way it's constructed makes these cool color blocks.
Ahhh I love this so much. I love what East Asian sculptors tend to do with space. It tends to be completely different than what you're used to seeing in the States.
I have seen illustrations of this sculpture before. Very interesting way to comment on that time period.