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I usually try to re-use wrapping paper or gift bags, but a new invention might make my life a lot easier!! Eden's Paper is wrapping paper that you can plant instead of trash... with built in seeds, you can grow superfoods, flowers, and more! According to their website, "Most papers planted will see germination start in 2 – 3 weeks of planting the paper.Eden’s Paper’s are 100% biodegradable and promote wildlife (particularly butterflies, bees), and have no damaging impact on garden ecosystems."
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Ooh ooh I've done this actually! My husband and I used made plantable paper favors for our wedding so our guests could have something living as a reminder of the occasion. Doing the same idea as wrapping paper is so cool though!
What a genius invention!! I really love the idea. Is it only available in UK :( ?
so cool! kinda want to put this on a wishlist, would that be weird? hahaha I hope it's available in the states @moya23!
@moya23 @AgentCory as of now, only in the UK but hopefully it will be available all over!!!
and hope it'll be available in Indonesia too hahaha...pleaaase