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The Shaky Head
The Shaky Head is my favorite rig to fish. A lot of guys use really light braid and a fluorocarbon leader. I mainly use 14 pound sufix just because I'm not a big fan of braid I think I'm going to try it though. For the jig head itself I like a real light weight head because I don't want my bait dropping to fast. There are tons of different types so you just have to find one you like. For the soft plastic I use the KVD finesse worm they have great colors and I like the action they make. If you fish docks or rocks youl get a lot of bites just make sure you check your line regularly.
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nice man thanks ill try these tips
3 years ago·Reply
I have done them on 12# braid but it's really not enough
3 years ago·Reply
@happyrock did you have a lot of break offs?
3 years ago·Reply
@ryan88argo Yeah I did.....I pushed it up to 14# after that
3 years ago·Reply