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Popular South Korean actor Choi Jin Hyukhas decided to serve as an active duty soldier for his military service, and opted out of serving in the Seoul Police Public Relations Unit, according to his agency, Redbrick House.The agency did not explain whether there was a reason for Choi's change of mind. His enlistment date has not been confirmed, but it will be sometime this year. His agency also said that Choi plans on appearing in a few more projects before the enlistment. All Korean males between the age of 15 and 35 are required to serve for two years of military duty, and the interruption to the career of a rising actor could lead to negative impact.Ever since the 28-year old actor rose to fame by catching the public's imagination in the 2013 fantasy period drama, Gu Family Book, Choi Jin Hyuk has been an audience favorite and followed up with roles in hit dramas Heirs and Emergency Couple. He is currently having fun in the romance comedy drama, Fated To Love You, co-starring Jang Hyuk and Jang Na Ra.We will miss you, Choi Jin Hyuk, but we'll console ourselves knowing that the sooner you serve, the sooner we'll see you back.In the meantime, catch Choi Jin Hyuk here in Fated To Love You:
I didn't realise he was in Fated To Love You - I might have to go and watch it now!!
안전 ( be safe)
Good luck!!!wait
Good Luck And Be Safe