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TAEWOONG: between lovers, there is a deeper meaning... i want to have you.... YOONJAE: i like you.. i like you.. what should i do?? what do you want me to do? tell me what do you want me to do?? SHIWON: i have something to tell you..
Thank you so much !
@YChase007.. i am as excited as you are and despite the fact that shiwon's presently dating taewoon i too want to believe yoonjae and shiwon will end up together, eachepisodes i look for hints and i do find sweet gestures between them in reunion '12.. so lets keep are fingers crossed.. :) :) btw cool much like james bond 007..
@bix2anca sorry couldn't watch ep 7.. internet issues ..but lets see what the drama unfolds today
Omo Omo Omo Omo... Today is the day - I cannot contain my excitement. I truly believe that YoonJae & Shiwon are together. There have been more hints and inclinations to their relationship - what relationship doesnt have a rocky road. Plus I dont think it would be odd to jump from one brother to other. Look at how the older brother jumped from one sister to the next and it was "acceptable". I believe that Shiwon circa 98 is to young to realize the implications of actually going out with the brother it is her first relationship. And although YoonJae has hinted at liking her - even kissing her (ep 2)... Shiwon is to oblivious to get it. She is not in the body & mind to think of boys other than her bias Tony Oppa... Cant wait, Cant wait, Cant wait.
now episode 7 is subbed. see for yourself....The Teacher is running for Presidency and he introduce his wife, Shiwon, to a new assistant, or something... but, like you just said, we are not at the end... yet
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