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recently, i learned how to draw with water color. this is really interesting. so i did drawing wave. i like to exciting wave, because l think ,the wave look cool
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This is beautiful @selena81! Where did you learn the technique?
3 years ago·Reply
@pixiedust oh~thank you^^. l'm learning to my older sister at home. she is art teacher
3 years ago·Reply
this is really pretty @selena81! you should definitely post more, you're really good! what sort of pencils are you using? as in the brand, I know you said they're watercolor pencils.
3 years ago·Reply
@AgentCory thank you ^^. first l only used "4B" pencil. and then painting with water color
3 years ago·Reply
Watercolor is such a great medium. The secret is use more water and less color. However, its even more important to enjoy doing it. I like this work.
2 years ago·Reply