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I think parents today are busier than ever, but this infographic shows how important it is to make time for reading aloud with your child. Find 15 minutes a day, whether it's at the breakfast or dinner table (they'll forgive you if you read with food in your mouth,) at bedtime, while you're waiting for a doctor's appointment, or even listening to an audiobook on the way to school. For younger children, a picture book a day is not too much to ask! (And if they fall in love with a book and ask for repeated readings, you'll have it memorized in no time!) For older kids, download an audiobook from the library on your smartphone so you always have something available. Where have you managed to fit that read aloud time into your day?
@LibraryLady thats so smart!! I didnt even think of that, I am so guilty of reading too fast
I read aloud if it's a beautifully written book and I want to savor it. Otherwise I read too fast!
I still like to read aloud to myself. for me, it helps words stick more.
I love this; a lot of people think that their kids start learning when they start school (or that there's really only minimal input needed before then) but I know I learned so much before that! Because I had an older brother, I used to read his books or read along with him long before I went to school. That definitely helped me out!
I would think so, @AgentCory. I have friends who say they learned English by watching TV!
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