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I'm stating this collection to introduce blade baits which people tend to overlook, but they're really great for fall and cold water fishing, even for bass, so I want to share my tips about them and even any videos I find about blade baiting for bass. If you have any of your own tips for blade baits @mcgraffy @Tbn1587 and anybody else add your cards and I'll clip them to this collection so we can help anybody hoping to try the blade bait. I'm gonna start with the basics of blade-baits in my first card after this one, but go ahead and add anything you think people might like too. Tips can be for smallmouth or largemouth, especially since people tend to focus on small mouth when it comes to bladbaits. I do want to show that you can use them for both, though, so look forward to that!
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@happyrock @yakwithalan thanks guys, i'll do what I can too
looks like you're gonna be teaching all of us @dougjohnson but I'll do some reading too
I don't know much either @dougjohnson but I'll look for some videos or something.
@mcgraffy Great thanks mike.
looking forward to it doug, I havent used bladebaits but if I come across anything good I'll add it