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Nestlé Announces Brand New Animal Welfare Policy
No stranger to food preparation scandals, Nestle is changing its policy on animal treatment after videos of Nestle workers beating live animals was released to the public. While there is no end to the butchering of animals, Nestle's new policy states that it will no longer allow tail docking and dehorning of dairy cattle and the castration of pigs without painkillers. A very, very small step in the animal rights world but if nothing else this shows that animal rights groups are having an effect on the food production world. Nestlé's brands include Lean Cuisine, Stouffer's, and Dreyer's, and the changes will reduce the suffering of millions of animals every year.
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It may be a small step, but at least it's one in the right direction. I've heard some awful horror stories about Nestle chocolate though so I think they have a pretty long way to improving their policies. Has anyone else read articles about the chocolate part of Nestle?
whaaaaat? I kinda figured being a huge co. that Nestle would have problems, but I didn't know this D: and their chocolate too @pixiedust???
Don't even get me started on the baby formula scandal. Nestle is a nasty company.