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Blade baits are highly associated with the smallmouth bass, more than any other fish. While it can be hard to catch other fish on a blade bait, it's a shame because it really is a great lure for anytime bass are heavily feeding, especially in deep water. My favorite blade bait is the Silver Buddy.Well, I'm more partial to the jig, but even I'll admit that there are times when a blade bait will outfish anything else you might tie on. And the wintertime is a great time to fish a blade bait. I seldom go out in cold weather without having a 1/2-ounce Silver Buddy tied to one of my rods — usually a 6-foot, 6-inch medium heavy spinning rod. I'm generally spooled up with 10-pound-test monofilament. Most people who are new to blade bait fishing give up on it way too soon. They don't see the beauty of this little slab of lead and aluminum. But through this collection I hope to share with you more about why the blade bait is so great, and just how to use it.
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@dougjohnson cool, I prefer largemouth but I think i'll still try
@yakwithalan That's my favorite but the generics aren't bad either
The only blade i've ever tried is the silver buddy, are there any others I really should try? @dougjohnson
@mcgraffy overall, largemouth but with blades smallies.
do you catch more largies or smallies? @dougjohnson