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Choosing a Blade Bait for Fall and Winter Bass Fishing
My favorites are the Silver Buddy, Buckeye Jiggin Blade, Poor Boys Blade Bait, and others often come with standard bronze hooks. But, I like to swap their hooks! These hooks are fine for smaller fish, but knowing that I have taken 6 and 7 pounders on blade baits in the winter, I always upgrade the hooks. I really like the Mustad KVD Elite Triple Grip hooks and of course a standard round bend Gamakatsu hook is tough to beat. I do make one modification to my hooks. Because where I fish is often littered with stumps, I will snip the down facing front treble off. Now if you just like to cast and wind the blade bait back in, you might not even need to do that. But what I’ve found is if you yo-yo the bait, as I often do, the bait drops nose first and then you jerk it up into the cover. So the bait raises its nose and exposes the belly hook to the cover. So I like to cut that front barb off. It doesn’t seem to affect my hook-up ratio with the fish, and I seem to get snagged a lot less. Just a suggestion, though, and you can choose if you want to do that!
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good tip about changing the hooks, I always change mine as well
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I really never change my hooks but maybe thats why I lose some of mine
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