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So you have a question for Vingle? Be it how to use Vingle's features or what Vingle's favorite color is as long as it's related to Vingle you'll get the answer you're seeking for ~
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How can you move the order of cards up or down within a collection
2 months ago·Reply
how do you block certain communities? this app seems great, but no matter what communities I've liked it followed or whatever, my feed is nothing but anime and kpop, neither of which are things I've liked!
2 months ago·Reply
How do I open drafts?
a month ago·Reply
@TiredStarKiddo You can only access drafts on your computer. You go to your profile, then click on Cards. From there you'll see your published and drafted cards!
a month ago
How do you delete a collection?
a month ago·Reply
how do i change my birthday, it says dec.3, 1992 but I was born on the fourth
11 days ago·Reply
I tried to save all changes but it reverts back to the same date 12/3/1992
11 days ago