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Ask Vingle
So you have a question for Vingle? Be it how to use Vingle's features or what Vingle's favorite color is as long as it's related to Vingle you'll get the answer you're seeking for ~
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How canI delete my account here?
3 months ago·Reply
email them
3 months ago
How does the community point ranking system work? What mskes you gain points, and how do you lose points?
2 months ago·Reply
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Then, how do you lose points? Is it just a glitch to the algorithm, or is there a method to that, too?
2 months ago
How can I move a card in my collection?
13 days ago·Reply
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@VingleEnglish sorry, what I really want to do is rearrange cards within a collection, that option used to be available but I don't see it anymore, is there still a way to do it? Thanks
13 days ago
Are there no mods next quarter? The mod application hasn't been put out and there's 5 days left of this quarter.
2 days ago·Reply
How can you move the order of cards up or down within a collection
2 days ago·Reply