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This is a technique that many of the top pros have kept secret for a long time. Dead-sticking the blade bait works best when fishing below pods of bait with actively feeding fish. Many times it is this technique that will catch the bigger fish in the school. Drop the lure to the bottom and allow it to sit there motionless for 15-30 seconds. Twitch the rod tip a few times causing the metal lure to shake. You DO NOT want the bait to move but a few inches. Repeat this a few times. If nothing happens retrieve the lure back up to the boat and drop it down a few feet from where it was. When anything out of the ordinary happens... the line ticks... the lure feels mushy ’ or heavy... or it just doesn't seem right – SET THE HOOK! Otherwise, you'll miss the fish!
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this is great advice so many new fisherman dont know how to just let it be
@mcgraffy very true. it definitely takes time to get used to that style for some newbies
I wouldn't call this "secret" but its definitely a good hidden weapon to have against the fish!