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This is where Vingle's latest features will be updated. Don't forget to check back often so you don't miss out our new features #Messaging - Open Conversation# Beside posting cards in Vingle, you can also interact with other Vinglers using our Messaging system. This feature allows you to send messages to other Vinglers and enables other Vinglers to post on your Message page. Message is currently visible to everyone, but in the future we will add a private messaging option. In your personal page, clicking an envelope shaped button on the right hand side just below the personal stats of your page will lead you to the messaging feature. Click ‘Send a Message’ tab, and you are free to type any Vingler username that you want to talk with. You can also talk with multiple users at the same time by typing in several usernames. After typing in your title and the content of your message, you can send out your message by clicking ‘Send’. Easy enough right? #Collections - Folders to organize your cards# Have you created cards or fallen in love with other cards on Vingle? Have you clipped so many cards that you need a way to organize them? Now you can collect and organize those cards using our Collections Feature. This Collection Feature is available when you click the paperclip shaped icon on your card. (for ‘Clip’ Feature, refer to When you click on this icon, a list of your collections will appear as well as the option to create a new collection for that card. Click on the ‘Clip’ button, and when you see ‘+Add to new collection’ you can type the name of your desired collection. When you want to add a card to that collection, simply click your Collection Title, and your card will automatically go into that collection folder. Once a collection has been created, your followers can also follow your separate collections.   #SHARE Button# The SHARE Button allows you to share interesting contents that you find on Vingle with the people in your other social networks. Currently, Vingle allows you to share content to Facebook, Google+, Reddit, Tumblr, and Twitter. However, in the future we may add sharing options to other networks as well. #‘Vingle It’ button# Share your favorite quotes, images and videos to Vingle! The "Vingle it" button is the easiest way to spread what you discover to others who share your interest, and at the same time, credit the source of the shared content. In order to install the button, simply click and drag the “Vingle it” button in the upper left hand corner of any Vingle page to your bookmarks bar above and start vingling with “Vingle It” as you surf the internet. Step-by-step instruction here
You're welcome o(>_<)o
You're welcome o(>_<)o
thank you!
@NorskyDesierto. Welcome to the Vingle family :)
i'm new to vingle nd i find it amazing i love it, i'm trying to learn more,,, your information helps a lot, thanks,
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