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Jon Hill served up a great set of photos from a trip into the Colorado in search of golden and brook trout. Now he’s produced a video from that trip, among others, which offers a better glimpse into these hike-in waters and the beautiful trout that live there. Visit his blog, Ramblings, for more about him!
its been a long time since I took a trip just for fishing. looks like I need to go again soon.
@happyrock if work would gimme the chance you know I would
those are some noce trout! ive always liked jons videos thanks foe sharing this new one
@pixiedust Not always but often! Being outdoors is beautiful and fishing requires water to be nearby so that only makes it more beautiful! @dougjohnson take some time to go on a trip! you won't regret it
Makes me wish I had more time to travel to fish; my local waters are nice but i'd be great to be able to go somewhere like this now and again
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