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I've just got back from my short trip to Malang-East Java. Yes, Malang is a city that cannot be forgotten as I spent my 6 years of my childhood there. Everytime I think about it a lot of beautiful memories pop up in my mind. My trip to Malang with my friend was really enjoyable. Malang is still the same city I that I loved. It's a small city but as a small city it always shows its friendly characteristic. And one thing that make me in love with Malang is it's a vintage city. There are many places that really represent the old times. One of them is Toko Oen Malang. Toko Oen has been established since 1930, the Dutch colonial. It is located near Alun-Alun Malang city. Toko Oen is a very memorable restaurant which keeps its oldies characteristic. The building, the furniture, the details,and the atmosphere. You can feel like you are in the past. And I like the music it's so eighties...uuu I love eighties songs, I'm 80's generation :). But, I think if it has 70's songs or less it can be more representative. Talking about restaurant means talking about the food and beverage also. Toke Oen's specialty is ice cream. The simple presentation doesn't make the taste bad. So does the variety. It's not Haagen Dasz, it's not Baskin and Robin but it is Toko Oen with its taste. I chose an ice cream with rhum and a simple cheese burger. And...I love it. My friend had sundae, fried lumpia and non-fried one, bread and those are fabolous!! The second place that I visited is Museum Angkut located in Batu, one hour from Malang. Museum Angkut,a museum that exhibits historical or old transportations especially cars; was open in March this year. Yes, it's a new one but has become an attractive place to many people. The ticket is quite cheap but so worth it. The first time I stepped in I was welcome by a Roll the most classy and elegant I've ever seen. I also love the old Ford, the old Bentley, ohh they are so old and lovely. One car that impressed me is the car given by the US to Indonesia first President, Sukarno. It was a Chryssler. The Museum Angkut also offer us a view of Indonesia traditional transportation Perahu Sampan. You can try to take into the Sampan (tradiotional boat). Indonesia traditional food was also provided there. Museum Angkut also has several zones such as Italy, France,Germany,Hollywood with its gangster area, and even England with its Buckingham Palace replica. My four day trip to Malang was not enough for me to visit many places which I believe can fulfill my passion of oldies things. Hopefully, I can have much more times to do that. I invite you guys to Visit Malang and feel the friendly atmosphere.
This sounds like an awesome trip!!! Cool car pics, too :) Excited to read more of your writing :)
Sounds like you had an amazing trip, Moya! It's good to see you taking a break and enjoying yourself! Wonderful card; I really felt like I was there with you.
@moya23 wow! That's such a long time, I'm so glad you could go back!
more than 20 years.... :)
Haha,thanks Gregg. Yes and at least I have something to write about..really miss my writing time.
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