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Beautiful Hands Pakistani tradition Hina or mehndi some of you might already know abt this but enjoy for bride nd groom its just the thing lol
that is a tatoo? or hena? beautiful i have to say.. but doesnt look like permenant.
@AgentCory i d r k much bcs its easily available to us lol but some kind of leaves r used for the hina powder nd then open tea nd sugar nd oil for the color to come out like dat but its sold to us in cones to make these designs on hands more like henna art thxx sooo much @caricakes i am glad u like it :-)
This is gorgeous! My cousins are great at henna, I really want to learn to do this better.
oh wow this is so cool! I've heard of this before but don't know much about it, what's used for this? Some kind of herb?
@Johnsing86 nope not permenant the color only stays for like a week or 2 weeks like fake tatoos but its hena sm ppl call it hena tatoo so i just said dat lol :-D