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James Patterson's Maximum Ride series will appeal to some Hunger Games readers for its focus on kids their own age having to save the world from the adults' mistakes. Mutant kids with wings, known as The Flock, work together to foil a plan to develop a genetically engineered master race. Patterson's series is on par with his writing for adults--lots of action, no claims to great literature--but many of my readers have plowed through the series and asked for more. If they've read The Hunger Games, the violence in these won't be shocking. Appropriate for 6th grade and up.
@pixiedust, it's been so long since I read one, so feel free to chime in @AgentCory, but it's basically kids who were mutated in a lab. The "good" ones are The Flock, with wings, the "bad" ones are the Erasers--half wolf, half human. The Flock needs to save the world from various bad people, and there's a lot of anguish and heartbreak spread out over the 8 books. I can't give away more than that:) Very fast paced, and great airplane books, like Patterson's books for adults.
I haven't heard of this before but I'm always looking for something new to read and this looks really exciting and interesting! What's it about?
for sure @LibraryLady! tl;dr @pixiedust modern day/near future scifi where the government performed genetic mutation experiments on children to give them wings (and other powers), then the children escape. As LibraryLady said very faced paced and exciting, I like them a lot c:
@AgentCory, I only read the first one. If it's a series, and I know the first book is popular, I usually don't have time to read the rest. I just order them and pass them out to eager students!
oh my gosh I LOOOOOVE this book! I never saw the trailer for it, but the book is soooo good, it's part of a series too! has anyone else read them?!