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Many of our teachers assign genre reading. Historical fiction doesn't get more enjoyable than the Alcatraz series from Gennifer Choldenko. The first in the trilogy is Al Capone Does My Shirts. This second book takes us further into the world of Moose Flanagan, whose father is a guard at Alcatraz. Most of the guards and their families live on the island, along with an assortment of prisoners, including the infamous Al Capone. This is one of those books that taught me more about life during the 1930s than any history book! I allow my students to add reviews to our library catalog, and all three books in the series have only 5 star reviews. Appropriate for grades 6 and up.
@pixiedust, I work with a teacher who has students read a historical fiction book of their choice, then do a research project on the historical period. I always tell kids I learn so much more from historical fiction than from textbooks. The Grapes of Wrath was what taught me about the Dust Bowl and the migration to California. It just didn't seem interesting in the history book!
I haven't heard of this before but it sounds fascinating! I usually prefer fiction (fairy tales forever) but something more historical like this sounds really interesting. I've wondered often if historical fiction like this could help to teach history to kids. Has anyone tried that before?