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This is only a small example of the dangerous behavior cyclists are subjected to on a daily basis due to poor driving. In most cases, calling the police and reporting a crime doesn't foster much of a response without indisputable evidence. It seems now that helmet cameras are a cyclist's new best friend. This device will give you indisputable evidence against the offender. For those of you thinking about, you should opt for mounting a personal camera to your head rather than the front of your frame. Often times identifying the driver is extremely important for a conviction to be made. Rear facing cameras can be useful for identifying drivers coming up behind you, but if you only have one camera I would opt for mounting one on your helmet.
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He should avoid some of those roads at those times of day.
just looks so ridiculous lol
dude. You ride on those roads which clearly are going to get you killed, then you film it and complain about cars? We as cyclists don't claim you.
Glad a majority of you agree with me!
The angle probably doesn't do half of those shots justice. He needs to try a new sport if those are the only roads he can ride on. If you can accumulate that much footage, something bad is bound to happen soon.