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Is getting a full leather suit for your morning bike ride overkill? Most would say yes, but the almost laughable structural integrity of lycra when in a crash puts the joke back on lycra wearers. Lycra has been known for it's less-than-stellar ability to hold up while sliding on the road. This is why sports and cycling company Scott is developing jerseys and shorts strategically reinforced in key areas using carbon fiber and ceramics. The garments apparently hold up well when a riders ends up sliding on pavement. The garments are strategically reinforced in key areas, namely the shoulders and hips. They are covered in patterns of ceramic particles and they are woven with carbon fibers, all to ensure that the rider is better protected in the event of a crash.
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This is really fascinating. Revolutionary if it actually works like in the video
Might be expensive. Might be worth the expense..
Really interesting! Would the friction heat still be dangerous in an actual crash though?