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On a recent episode of KBS' Entertainment Relay, Rainbow's Jisook was interviewing 2PM's Taecyeon and she asked him what he thought about 2PM's Nickhun and SNSD's Tiffany dating. In response, he said "To be honest, I don't think there's much to be jealous about. Even if you go public [with a relationship], they're all busy so I know that they can't meet often." These days more and more idols are revealing their relationships to the public but especially in newer groups, particularly among the rookies, dating is a big no-no and clauses prohibiting dating are normally written into their contracts. In the Western music industry, stars continue to date and there is an expectation that the fans will (at least to some degree) understand - even if the girlfriend or boyfriend receives a bit of hate from jealous fans - but this is taken to an entirely new level in Korea. The relationship between fans and idols is much more personal and consuming. It's normal to look in the comment section of EXO video or Big Bang video on Youtube and see hundreds (if not thousands) of comments from fangirls pledging their love for one member or another but how serious is this? As fans, what do you think of your bias' dating? Would you stop supporting an idol if they started dating someone else? @chasinghapiness @toykopop @aero2042 @funkystar25 @honeysoo @scarletmermaid @kpopandkimchi minglers what do you guys think?