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Today I was looking for a new screensaver and found this gorgeous photo of Girls Generation (don't they look amazing??). I found the blog post really interesting and wanted to know what you guys thought about it. The author charted SNSD's astronomic growth over the last 5 years. As the author points out, the girls have done nothing but continue to impress; "They currently hold the record for longest consecutive no. 1 song on the music show Music Bank with their single Gee in 2009 that lasted 9 weeks long and have won that award more than 36 times on this same show at the time of writing" he writes. Their success as Korea’s representative girl group has allowed their label company SM Entertainment to increase their revenue from 47 billion won to 241.3 Billion won- of course, that wasn't just SNSD but considering the scale of SNSD's success in both domestic and overseas markets, it still will have accounted for a lot. If we just look at the numbers, that’s an increase of almost 200% over the span of 5 years. The author compared SM Entertainments growth relatively to that of Apple's but pointed out that whereas technology firms can continue to reinvent and update their product, a band can only try so many concepts before repetition starts to take hold. Consequently, label companies have a significantly shorter life-expectancy on the growth potential of their IPOs. Many 2NE1 and Wonder Girls fans argue which band among the three is best but they cannot be compared as they're too different. They target different audiences and produce different genres of music. But back to SNSD specifically; having spear-headed various concepts and solidified their position as leaders in the industry, the question is now what next. Freshness is a key factor in the Korean music industry and the lifespan of SNSD has already exceeded industry expectations. One of the reasons for this is that the members have been able to make individual names for themselves - not just relying on their group identity thus maintaining their freshness in the public eye. Taeyeon is loved by the public for her Djing on the radio shows, Jessica has produced reality style shows with her sister, Sunny is popular on reality tv shows etc. Despite this, even this kind of freshness starts to lose its touch after seven years. Girls Generation technically does not have any real competition in the industry right now. Their position is so strong that whomever releases their albums at the same time will only get a pinch of the exposure they were meant to get had they released it outside Girls’ Generation’s promotion period. Thus leading to record labels’s rather apparent evasion of trying to release their songs in those periods. This however means that Girls’ Generation is always expected to win on the music show programs and no one likes to watch a show that they already know the result of. Sure it’s fun, it’s just not exciting. It's nothing new. This comes back to show the exact thing Girls’ Generation is lacking right now, excitement. The author develops the argument taking into account their overseas activities including the (failed) expansion into the US market and (very successful) expansion into the Japanese market and more recently the Chinese market too. However, the future of SNSD is in question. The author suggested a reason for the lack of "new" content from SNSD could be that since income is guaranteed from SNSD's promotions, slightly lower-budget productions are being used to achieve the same amount of income which is now being redirected towards f(x) and newer groups like Red Velvet and EXO which sounds pretty accurate to me. Two members have publicly revealed that they are dating and all the girls, in one interview or another, have revealed they want to settle down soon-ish. The main question is whether they will decide themselves when to call it a day or whether they will continue promoting until the income stream runs dry and the company calls time... What do you think? @chasinghapiness @toykopop @honeysoo @kpopandkimchi @aero2042 @scarletmermaid
@saharjalpari9 I guess so!
lets c we just have to wait nd see they r still young nd beautiful i wish them best of luck :)