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It's crazy to see the difference between these two wheels. Just when I thought 700c was pretty big....dang
Do you have to get a special bike for those wheels?
whoa that's crazy, what is a wheel like used for @TeamWaffles?
@GuillermoGarcia Yes, the bike is basically made around the wheel. The 36er wheel is made from unicycle wheels. Most 36ers are custom made. @AgentCory The larger diameter rim clears large obstructions with less effort. Mostly it is a novelty bike form and used only for fun.
@AgentCory oh cool! thanks!
@TeamWaffles, I'm planning a long bike ride for next year, do you suppose these would be more efficent than 29" or 700 cm wheels? so far, all the bikes i have seen with these wheels had small cranksets with the largest chain ring having only 43t. and the cassettes only had 5 to 6 sprockets. what's your take on it bro?