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We all (well, many of us) know that the Star Wars creations that we are often plagued with today are not the originals that fans saw back in the 80s, and there are 1000s of fans who want those back! Those fans who want to console themselves by watching Star Wars as they remember seeing it back in the ‘80s are out of luck. Lucas has been quietly butchering the original movies by adding CGI, sound effects and even whole characters – like (gag) Jar Jar Binks — to successive special edition updates. It’s as if two different movies with two different aesthetics were clumsily stitched together. Lucas’ spare, muscular compositions in the original movie sit uneasily next to its cartoony, over-wrought additions. Yet this Frankenstein version is the one that Lucas insists you watch. The original cut is just plain not for sale. “It’s like this is the movie I wanted it to be,” said Lucas in an interview in 2004, “and I’m sorry if you saw half a completed film and fell in love with it, but I want it to be the way I want it to be.” But, have no fear! You can now watch the "despecialized" version: you're welcome.
Original is best!
@AgentCory exactly! even though theyre still yours in some ways you have to respect the ways other peopls views kind of change that you know?
My dad always tells me about how he saw the first Star Wars movie in theatres. I'm so jealous!
I am still not a fan of the new movies
These are still the best!!
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