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Selecting 56 tracks, Scott Meslow of "The Week" has created his own playlist (link above) that emphasizes the breadth of genre in the music incorporated into Murakami’s fiction: from Ray Charles to Brenda Lee, Duke Ellington to Bobby Darin, Glenn Gould to the Beach Boys. Each song appears in one of Murakami’s novels, and Meslow even includes citations for each track: “I had some coffee while listening to Maynard Ferguson’s ‘Star Wars.’” “Her milk was on the house if she would play the Beatles’ ‘Here Comes the Sun,’ said the girl.” “Imagine The Greatest Hits of Bobby Darin minus ‘Mack the Knife.’ That’s what my life would be like without you.” “The room begins to darken. In the deepening darkness, ‘I Can’t Go For That’ continues to play.” It all coheres in something to listen to while exploring Murakami’s world: in your imagination, in real life, or in his trademark realms between.
I love that Murakami always references specific songs and artists in his stories. This is a great playlist!
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I'm always looking for new music! Thanks for sharing :)
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This is a sweet playlist, thanks!! I'll have to listen to it while I read along~~
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@greggr I didn't know you likes Murakami!!
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I love mixed media ideas like this, having playlists for reading and this is a beautifully crafted one.
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