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A very interesting study was carried out by the University of California: two groups of students were tested about the effects of screen time on their ability to recognize emotions. One group of students went to an outdoors camp (with no electronics) for 5 days while they other continued life as usual. The study found that students who spent the 5 days outside interacting with people face to face scored better in being able to perceive the emotions of people. While the study is just in it's early stages, those facts really say something! It makes me worry about the extent we incorporate technology into our daily education routines: does educational screen time also have this bad effect? What is interesting, additionally, is that it seems that lower income families might have their kids spending more time (percentage wise) watching educational things as opposed to higher income families, suggesting a difference in the reasons for watching as well. Regardless, I think this study shows that we should really be careful about "encouraging" too much educational screen time, and that we should consider limiting screen time in children! What do you think @LibraryLady? I thought you might enjoy this article.
I think its important for them to learn about both, I mean theyre expected to handle screen and face time!
I think that especially for kids that are still learning how to socialize, face-to-face interaction is so important!
I agree that I can understand people's true intentions or feelings much better when I am talking to them face to face than when I am talking on the phone or online. Plus, who doesnt love sleep-away camp!?