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A glint of gold is a quick way to liven up any look. If I'm feeling a little tired or under the weather, a slick of black eyeliner does me no favours whereas gold on the other hand, is perfect. It brightens my makeup! My favourite brand is Eyeko; the Rose Gold smudge proof liquid eyeliner is unbeatable.
Oh I have this!! It's really good and unlike other eyeliners, it actually stays put!!
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I wonder if they have a silver one? Gold doesn't really suit me that much ...
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@maryjane01 I really wanted a silver one too but I don't remember them having one...As far as I know there's only the rose gold colour and a black one with a metallic sheen.
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Wow! I am getting one. :)
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Oh! Now I know how to wear this ugly glittering loose shadow I bought.
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