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Abigail Baird tells a beautiful story through aerial acrobatics and moving imagery that seems to place under the sea. This reminds me a lot of the contender who won last year, but man is this incredible! I liked this act, and voted for her. Very creative. A little bit like Kenichi in the blend of video and dance, but considering that Kenichi was incredible, that is not bad. And she added some wrinkles that Kenichi did not do. This clip reminds me of a chapter in Sir Ken Robinson’s The Element. In it, he talks about the way that body movement and manipulation (the kinesthetic and rhythmic/musical multiple intelligences) are often overlooked in schools. What a shame! I love the creativity that Abigail uses to marry her talent and multiple intelligence gifting with story telling. This goes beyond just entertainment, it is a new method of communicating story. This is a fantastic video to share with your students. It is inspirational to see someone use their talent so creatively. We often think of storytelling very linearly and through paper/pencil and occasionally digital media, this is a great example of how to think outside of the box, create something new and think about all of the ways we can communicate.
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